What is Forex Trading

Forex Trading

Explanation of forex trading? Forex Trading or FX, can be defined as a medium of buyers and sellers. who exchange currency between each other at a decided price. It is the means by which individuals, small and large companies, commercial and central banks convert one currency into another. if you …

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How to trade with trendlines How to trade – as we know that Support and Resistance levels I am mostly consider useful technical tools in the Forex market. So today we are going to focus on drawing trendlines on the chart. Many Professional Forex traders use these Supoort and Resistance …

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Forex Strategies | Methods | Range and Trend Strategies

Range and Trend Strategies

Forex  Strategies | Methods | Range and Trend Actually, there are so many different forex trading styles and strategies for forex traders. The two strategies that are the most common and the reason they are the most common is because they are opposite of one another. 1-Range trading and 2-Trend …

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Elliott Wave Theory | Complete Eight Waves Cycle

Elliott Wave Theory -urduforextraining

Elliott Wave Theory or Wave Development takes place in two distinctive phases. As we know that the first phase of 5 waves structure known as Motive Waves. Furthermore, the question arises in mind that why it is motive waves because it moves in one direction of trends like up and …

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Elliott Wave Basics | Elliott Waves Principle | Elliott Waves


ELLIOTT WAVES THEORY Elliott wave topic, I will cover Elliot Waves with more details and some real-time examples. Now the Elliott wave theory was discovered by Nelson Elliott and what he basically suggested that market moves up or down in recognizable patterns. it gives these recognizable patterns and structures and …

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Forex | Forex Training and Trading Courses

forex training and trading in urdu with easy forex way

FOREX TRAINING AND TRADING Forex training and trading course by which I furthermore describe¬†forex. that teach you what is FX and buying and selling terms even many more topics. What is FX ? Buying and Selling Terms Common Currencies Traded & ISO Codes with Training Introductioin of Currency Pairs. Prominent …

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ADX Indicator | Trend Strength | How to use in forex

adx indicator in trading of forex market

TRADING OF FOREX MARKET WITH ADX INDICATOR Today I am going to teach you forex trend indicator in which you will learn about adx indicator. And it is completely strength indicator even currency pair’s trend may be up as well as down direction. Adx itself, not the directional indicator it …

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Forex Scalping Strategy | Scalper System Strategy

Forex Scalping for Scalpers in Professional Forex Trading

FOREX SCALPING FOR SCALPERS IN FOREX TRADING. Especially relevant as a scalper who likes to do forex Scalping, I think by which you will love this strategy which is characterized by high-volume trading. Furthermore, these strategies are designed to enter the market frequently, taking small profits each time with proper …

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