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Technical Summary Details in Forex.

The technical summary tool is the best for forex traders with technical analysis summary.

climaxing in a trade recommendation on the buy and sell status of a particular currency pair or asset.

The tool is not everything as a blind tool for buying and selling a currency pair.

As I shall demonstrate in this article how to use it to trade.

Features of the Technical Analysis Summary Tool

first of all I will define is that the tool contains a section where the Investor or trader can choose the currency pair to trade.

There are more well asset categories that’s stock, commodities, and  indices.

However, I will only concern with currency pairs as well as stock and shares and many more since we are forex traders.

There are about 28  forex assets.

Furthermore I also have another section on the form which shows various time frames that will be easy to analyze, starting from the 1 minute time frame.

and fifteen minute time frame, the hourly time frame.

and ending with the daily time frame.

How to Use the Technical Analysis Summary Form.

So The first step is to select the tab with any assets like forex, Commodities, Indices and Shares after that  for which the trader wants technical analysis summary.

So then the time frame on which technical analysis summary to select, again by clicking the appropriate checkbox.

In order to make the best use of these recommendations as listed in the technical analysis summary.

The trader must to understand charts and search out the technical basis for the recommendation, after that choose best entry point that will get the best entry.

So Long entries must set as close to the support levels as possible, and short trades must place very close to resistance areas.


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