Lot size | Margin | Leverage in Forex

Lot size - Forex Training

LOT SIZE IN FOREX TRADING you must understand lot size and you must know how is you will determine that what each PIP you earn is worth. Before placing a order in currency pairs as well as commodities in forex market. when you placed an order it means you traded …

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Forex Brokers Role | Interbank Forex Market | ECN Brokers

Forex brokers Forex Training

FOREX BROKERS ROLE IN FOREX MARKET Actually, Forex brokers are the intermediary between you and the “interbank”. If you don’t know what the interbank is, it’s a term that refers to networks of banks that trade with each other. Typically forex brokers will offer you a price from the banks …

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leverage in Forex Trading Market

leverage - Forex Training

LEVERAGE IN FOREX TRADING Leverage in trading simply refers to the ability to increase the size of your trade. Or investment by using credit from a broker and this credit not required any interest from broker as well. Almost when trading using it, you are effectively borrowing from your broker, while …

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Pip - Urdu Forex Training

WHAT IS PIP ? What is pip?Standard Price Quote ( Non-Yen )Yen PairsPip Value CalculationNot All Are “Cents” Pip since most major currency pairs are priced to four decimal places then the smallest change is that of the last decimal point. For most pairs this is the equivalent of 1/100 …

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Economic Calendar | Live Forex Economic Calendar

Economic Calendar - Urdu Forex Training

Financial Report by Economic Calendar Economic Calendar used by Investors as well as traders. They will research the date and time of a specific event and pay close attention to the announcement. because of the high probability that it will affect the direction of the market. Traders in the foreign …

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Forex Trend | Trend in Forex Market

Forex Trend - Forex Training

FOREX TREND IN FOREX MARKET I will try to teach you Forex Trend in my below Forex trend video, first as we know that Forex means FOR = Foreign EX= Exchange.  Now I can say Foreign Exchange. Trend either by Direction or by Duration. so how we will understand Forex Trend by …

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Pivot Point |Forex Technical Analysis

Pivot Point - Forex Training

PIVOT POINT IN FOREX Today I am going to teach you about Pivot Point and Support & Resistance  Levels. Before going to know about Pivot Point you must understand something about Support and Resistance Level. SUPPORT It is the price area below the current price where prices decline for going …

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Price quote - Forex Training

PRICE QUOTE IN FOREX MARKET Price quote when a currency is quote, then it relates in relation to another currency. So that the value of one reflects the value of another. Therefore, if you are trying to determine the exchange rate between the (EUR). And the  U.S. dollar, the Price quote would look …

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