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How to use Margin Calculator

So the Margin calculator is useful for new traders as well as experienced one for that they will get a better understanding of how pips move in the market and how they will effect move for profit and loss and Margin utilization.

If you want to learn more about margin requirement and leverage calculations so please follow the margin form to calculate.

Before going to start for knowing how to calculate to draw used margin for any currency pair and trade size.

first of all, you start to select your account currency and after choosing account currency then must consider your currency pair to trade.

By doing that now you will see automatically conversion price appear for your currency pair that you selected before.

Furthermore, you manually choose margin ratio that you already decided on your trading account from your forex broker.

That Margin ratio starts from 1:1 to 600:1.

Again there is another step to complete below form that is trade size.

and that trade size starts from 100(contract) to up to your account balance limit size.

Lot size with Trade Size (Contract).

0.01 = 100(trade Size)

0.10 = 1000(Trade Size)

1      = 10000(Trade Size )

10    = 100000(Trade Size).

Now you can decide your trade size according to lot size and account balance and after that, you will find Margin used as by from your account currency.

And now keep in your mind after knowing your used margin so what will you do now.

It is very simple that now you have to trade according to your used margin.

So do trade with your account balance and put limits for taking profit and stop loss.


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