Forex Trend | Forex Trendlines | Support | Resistance

Forex Trend | Forex Trendlines | Support | Resistance

In this article, we will learn Forex Trend by direction and duration, first as we know that Forex means FOR = Foreign EX= Exchange.

If we added both then I can say Foreign Exchange.

Trend either by Direction or by Duration.

We have to know the trend of Currencies, commodities, CFD, and  Indices.

you can understand the Forex trend with different techniques like Forex Technical Analysis, Forex Fundamental Analysis, and Forex Sentimental Analysis.

But here we only know by candlestick Chart or chart Analysis.

There are three types of forex trends according to their Direction and Duration.



 It describes the price movement of financial assets.

likes(Currencies, commodities, CFD, Indices.

When the overall direction is upward and when the price makes higher highs, and higher lows once found earlier in the trend.

uptrendline Higher high and higer low


It describes the price movement of financial assets.

When the overall direction is downward and when the price makes lower highs, and lower lows once found earlier in the trend.

downtredline lower high and lower low


It is also commonly known as a “horizontal trend”. 

Describes the horizontal price movement that occurs when the forces of supply and demand are nearly equal.


A sideways trend is often regarded as a period of consolidation before the price continues in the direction of the previous move.

 The sideways trend is generally a result of the price traveling between strong levels of support and resistance.

It is not uncommon to see a horizontal trend dominate the price action of a specific asset for a prolonged period before starting a move higher or lower.

Brief consolidation is often needed during large price runs, as it is nearly impossible for such large price moves to sustain themselves over the longer term.


Major Trend (1 to 3  Years & Best viewed Daily Chart)

Intermediate Trend ( 3 weeks to 3 months & Best viewed Hourly Chart)

Minor Trend (within 1 week & Best viewed 15 minutes Chart).

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