Forex Training – I am going to discuss the very basics of what the forex market is.

So in simple terms forex stands for foreign exchange and it is

simply a place where traders from around the world go to buy or sell

currencies from various countries depending on Demand and Supply Rules.

forex training Market

Now, this idea of buying or selling currencies might sound strange at first.

The actual execution itself is very simple the reason for this is because

all it involved is buying or selling of currency against other currencies.

Now I’m going to make many more posts for forex training courses.

This subject further I progress throughout our forex training course to

ensure that you understand this fully.

The Size of Forex Market

So don’t worry now in terms of size the forex market is by far the biggest

trading environment in the world with over $6.6 trillion u.s. dollars being

traded per day reported on 17 September 2019.

The reason for its size is because it involves big players like

international banks hedge funds and central banks who have very high

budgets for trading in the forex market.

Now traders like you and I are very small players in this market

so we do not have the ability to move the market in any direction.

There are many currencies that are available to trade within the forex market.

But there is also a list of seven major currencies that you should bear in mind when you

The Currencies of Forex Market

Forex training and Trading

the US dollar,  the Euro, the Great British Pound,  the Japanese yen,

the Swiss franc, and the Australian dollar, and the Canadian dollar.

The reason why these are called major currencies because they are the ones that provide the most volume in the market on a daily basis now bearing this in mind there is

also, a list of the top five most traded currency pairs they are EURUSD,  GBPUSD,   USDCAD,  USDCHF,  and the AUDUSD.

So there are also many other currency pairs are available you can trade with them.

But the top 5 most traded currency pairs in terms of volumes.

So when you first begin to trade these currency pairs so such above pair should place on your charts.

Because they’re going to provide most volatility and the most realistic market conditions.

Don’t worry it is just introduction we will learn to trade step by step what the forex market is all about.


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