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forex training and trading in urdu with easy forex way

Forex | Forex Training and Trading Courses

Forex training and trading in urdu with easy way

Forex training and trading course by which I furthermore describe forex training that teach you what is FX and buying and selling terms even many more topics.

1-What is FX ?
2-Buying & Selling Terms.
3-Common Currencies Traded & ISO Codes with forex training
4-Introduction of Currency Pairs
5-Prominent Order of Currencies.
6-Major Currency Pairs in forex training
7-Cross Currency Pairs.
8-Currency Quote.

Forex training - Urdu Forex Training

First of all I will describe all above my topics with my different professional fx training  videos with my you tube channel and my own site you keep in mind that they are pre-basic videos if you like to do the forex trading then you have to learn it from basic to professional thoroughly otherwise it is very riskiest business either.

first of all I will describe one of my topic about what is FX and how does it work and Buying and selling terms that how we know when market goes up and down.

So FX is stand for Foreign Exchange market while we buy one country’s currency with another country’s currency and mainly we trade currencies, stocks, bond even cryptocurrency in this forex market hence question arise in mind that how can we make profit and loss?

Answer is very simply that we make profit on small change in the exchange rate.

Suppose Today current exchange rate is GBP/USD  = 1.3300 if It change from 1.3300 to 1.3305.  it mean we got 5 pips and this very small change make me profit and loss and if  I put 1 lot of mini position and it comes 5 pips in favour then I got 5$ but if it comes 5 pips against then I will go 5$ for loss.

How does forex trading work

Actually as currency pair is buying by more people that become less available and that remaining become more in demand then  price goes up and little demand more supply then price goes down that is called How Forex Trading work and prices up and down by Demand and Supply forces so keep in mind  that there is no gambling and no guessing just using charts to analyzing the market through technical and fundamental analysis.

What are buying & selling terms.

These are words that used for analyse chart with position of market direction if market goes up then we use long and if it goes down  then we use Short so now more details such words that you must know.

When market going up                                                                                                                        

Buying / Buy
Bull / Bullish

Market going down.
Selling / Sell
Bear / Bearish

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