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Forex Rate | Foreign Exchange Rate | Open Market Currency Rate


Therefore In today’s class, I will teach you forex rate in prominent order in currency pairs.

And all of you will be able to know what are they and how they are created by ISO code as well.

So Each currency of the country is given a three-letter code as set out by the (ISO) and governed by the ISO 4217.

while The eight most commonly traded currencies are.


1. USD (U.S. dollar)
2. EUR (Euros)
3. GBP (Great Britain pound)
4. AUD (Australian dollar)
5. JPY (Japanese yen)
6. CHF (Swiss franc)
7. CAD (Canadian dollar)
8. NZD (New Zealand dollar).

even you maybe question arise in mind that how ISO created forex rate in prominent order.

and which method they are using to manage prominent order with the different trading platform like MT 4.

Because they actually created with their order of strength, demand, and supply mostly trading  between central banks.

and commercial bank and dominate the forex market in terms of traded volume.

Since January 2012, it is estimated that the seven majors account for over 85% of the daily traded volume in the forex market.

consequently, now  I will show you how they created with orders.


Therefore it has 8 currencies list and they even start from 1 to 8. And from EUR TO JPY.

5. USD (U.S. dollar)
1. EUR (Euros)
2. GBP (Great Britain pound)
3. AUD (Australian dollar)
8. JPY (Japanese yen)
7. CHF (Swiss franc)
6. CAD (Canadian dollar)
4. NZD (New Zealand dollar).

Now it is very important to keep in mind that in above forex rate in prominent order of Euro Zone (EUR) currency is first in order and Japanese Yen(JPY) is last in order.

if you as well as ISO which done before as you would like to make Major as well as cross currency pairs so what you have to do.

First of all, you know currency in order above always be in base currency and second currency must be counter and quote currency.

like first currency is 1. EUR – (Euro Zone Euro) and the second currency is 2. GBP – (Great Britain Pound). EUR/GBP.


EUR/USD – Euro Dollar.
GBP/USD – Pound Dollar.
AUD/USD – Aussie Dollar.
NZD/USD – Kiwi Dollar.
USD/CAD – Dollar Loonie.
USD/CHF – Dollar Swissy.
USD/JPY – Dollar-Yen.


EUR/GBP – Euro Pound.
EUR/CHF – Euro Swissy.
EUR/JPY – Euro Yen.
GBP/AUD – Pound Aussie.
GBP/JPY – Pound Yen.
AUD/CHF – Aussie Swissy.
NZD/JPY – Kiwi Yen

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