Professional Forex

Welcome to our online trading courses that is designed to help you to learn and how to trade wining Forex Trade, boosting your trading knowledge in just three short courses



you will be introduced to the world of Basic Forex trading. By which you learn basic terminologies and Metatrader. The most popular Forex trading platform


In this course, you will be learned Advance Technical, Fundamental, Sentimental Analysis and Plus Money Management and Risk Controlling. Like MACD, Parabolic SAR


Welcome to our VSA course for Forex Trading methods. Volume Spread Analysis offers a basic framework to trading and It works almost all financial markets.

My story

It started forex trading more than 14 year ago, when I was newly Post graduated from IBA University of Sindh and start my career as a Sales Executive in Royal Associates in Forex Brokerage firm.  At that time there were a boom in Forex & Stock market in my country, almost everyone I know had any kinds of stock with get rich. Then I had decided to join Forex Firm.

Royal associates forex firm gave me job as a Sales Executive  and told  me bring clients (investors) or  invest your amount but fortunately I failed to bring any clients or made investment my self.  Question Why fortunately because all investors and clients lost their savings. and all left their jobs.

After leaving job then I started to learn Forex, that time I myself thought I learned thoroughly  and I open my first real account of 500$ with a broker and make it to 700$, next morning the whole account gone to zero.  Did the research and change broker. after 3 month I have my 900$ become 2000$, but then all gone too.


You know why estimated 90 percent of Forex traders lose money and end up quitting.  But I had decided myself I ever never to quit Forex market and started to learn some essential basic things. by The grace of God I am  making real money in Forex  8% to 13% every month.