Forex Chart Reversal Patterns Forex Trading Market

Forex Chart Reversal Patterns Forex Trading Market

What is Trend Reversal

Forex Chart, Welcome to forex trading strategies, in this post we’ll go over how to trade trend reversals with one of the most common reversal price formations.

The pin bar once again keeps in mind that each strategy in this series will take time and practice to master so we suggest you take advantage of the free practice account in the trading forex platform.

you will Learn

In this post, you will learn what trend reversals are what benefits

trading trend reversals provide.

And where to place your stop to limit potential

losses and where to take profit when trading trend reversals.

Forex Chart

What is a Trend  Reversal?

A trend reversal is when the market changes direction and starts to move in the opposite direction.

An uptrend which is identified as a series of higher highs and higher lows reverses

into a downward trend by changing into a series of lower highs and lower lows.

Forex Chart Trend Reversal

By extension, a downward trend which is identified as a series of lower highs and lower lows reverses into an uptrend.

by changing to a series of higher highs and higher lows reversals can occur at any point.

And are generally difficult to anticipate but trading reversals can

provide an opportunity to profit from a new trend.

If the timing is right you will essentially be able to profit from the entire new movement.

And make significant gains looking out for

reversal patterns can also be beneficial as they can indicate the need for a

different trading strategy for instance.

What is a Pin Bar in Forex Chart?

Forex Chart Bin Bar

The pin bar formation is one of the most common price action reversal patterns.

And the pin bar has a short body and a long wick essentially showing that for all the trading activity the price ends up very close to where it started.

So from this candle, we can see that the price went to a certain level and then came back near the opening price trading pin bars is convenient.

As you can easily identify them on the charts they show that the current trend has most likely run its course and is ready to reverse.

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